Mike Keeling, Auckland, New Zealand

Here’s a photo of me with cheesy grin occasioned by my new Conti Guitar which arrived safe and sound, only 4 days Las Vegas to New Zealand! Beautifully packed—might spend some time reading the Las Vegas newspapers! First impressions are of a beautifully finished instrument, the fret polishing is impeccable. It even has that new guitar smell! Going out to the local guitar shop to buy a new strap, won’t insult it with a tatty old one. Buying a guitar sight unseen is always a time of mild stress, will it be what they claim? Will the neck be a small tree trunk, etc.? I read all the patrons’ comments and went ahead. Guess what? They were all right on the nail! It’s a pleasure to play and is beautifully styled. I will never achieve Roberts level of playing but I’m going to have huge fun trying! I always wanted a Gibson Byrdland but even the Epiphone version was twice the price of the Conti in New Zealand. How great to have a thin bodied archtop at such a reasonable price. Thanks to you all for a very efficient deal and thanks to Robert for coming up with such a fine instrument at such a price. Keep up the good work!

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Terry Gillen – Tring, UK

Even though I own a Conti Equity archtop, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a honey blond Heirloom. Recognising an anxious customer, Mike ‘held my hand’ through the purchase and import process and FedEx did an excellent delivery job. As for the guitar, what can I say that hasn’t already been said by other ecstatic customers? It is visually stunning, the build quality is impeccable, the playing ‘feel’ is excellent (size and balance of the guitar, neck dimensions, profile and fretboard radius – how did you guys get it so ‘right’?) the set-up is spot on, even after a journey of several thousand miles, and the sound is crystal clear everywhere on the fretboard. The name Heirloom is apt because that is what it will become. It is a truly lovely guitar and, at this price, even after paying to import it, it’s a bargain. My sincere thanks to everyone.

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