Billy Stanley, Charlotte, NC

Over the years, I have come to rely on my own ability to set up my guitars without consulting the “Pros”. After pulling my new Equity out of the box and picking through a few tunes, out of habit, I grabbed the toolbox. After about 10 minutes and a few delicate tweaks of the bridge and truss rod, this bad boy was singing like a bird and ready to dig serious pay dirt! Now, after playing this fine instrument for a couple of weeks I can honestly say it is my #1 Axe! I am absolutely enchanted with the warm classic jazz tone this piece of wood produces. The action in the neck is silky smooth and the frets are blindingly fast! Playing this guitar is awe-inspiring and beckons the player to reach for their very best! I must say, I have fallen in love and it seems to get better each day I play it. If you are serious about playing guitar and you can possibly swing it, buy this instrument! You will not regret it. Is there a better place to spend your Music Store Dollars than My answer is a resounding no! Many thanks to Bob and all the staff. Gods Bless.

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