Will see many hours of playing…

Meet Vince Lewis, A Pro Player Extraordinaire!

Growing up working in Music retail, I had the opportunity to play every major brand of guitar over several years. The experiences ordering, setting up and selling guitars from student through professional levels gave me a great appreciation for customer service as well as design and quality. From the initial contact with the folks at Conti Guitars, through the delivery date there was steady communication in regard to any delays and questions I had in regard to my purchase. I definitely felt that I had joined a new family of musicians and quality friends that will last a lifetime as will the guitar itself.

When the guitar arrived, it is the first instrument that I ever felt comfortable taking out on a professional gig the next day without needing to adjust anything about it. The fretwork and action met my discriminating eye and playing demands perfectly. As an owner of many fine archtop Jazz Guitars, the Conti Entrada is truly a welcome addition to my collection and one that will see many hours of playing both at home and in concert situations.

I also just am submitting a new Chord melody arrangement of “It Could Happen To You” to Jazz Guitar Today using my Entrada. Congrats and best wishes for continued success always.

Note: In addition to his commentary above, Vince wrote a full review of his new Entrada for Jazz Guitar Today magazine. You can read that review here.

-Vince Lewis, Pro Player/Educator
– Bluefield, West Virginia

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