Conti Guitar Worldwide Owner Comments

Enjoy this sampling of photos and commentaries from owners of Conti Guitars around the world. 

Elliott joins the Two Conti club as he displays his new 15 inch Sunburst Entrada archtop jazz guitar, alongside his first gen Equity model.

Everything you described it to be…

Robert, the Entrada is everything you described it to be in the personal video you sent — and more! It plays smoothly and the notes are clear and very sharp. My wife, Linda, likes the color of the guitar, and the look of the Gold Finger tailpiece. In your video you explained that the Gold Finger tailpiece contributes to the sound of this beautiful arch top as well as looking nice. I have enjoyed my equity model for 10 years, and now I can continue that enjoyment with a lighter guitar around my neck. I started my Conti journey with your Source Code and Ticket To Improv DVDs, and now I am improving my playing with the live private online lessons with Robert. Wow! Great instructional products, wonderful guitars, and the outstanding teaching of Robert Conti. Thank you again, and God bless you. Elliott Seymour – Plano, TX USA

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Pete Sternloff, collector of many guitars takes a moment to pose with his two Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitars!

Value of my Conti instruments far exceeds the price

I collect guitars with a large collection of new and preowned. Most are the latter. I have dealt primarily with dealers in acquiring the 125 instruments I own. The value of my Conti instruments far exceeds the price I paid for them as the quality and playability of both of these instruments is far greater than the price paid. Out of the box I can state that I have never acquired a new or used instrument that is set up and that plays better than my Conti Guitars. I am not an active professional player like many of those reviewing their Conti purchases but I have played guitar for over 60 years and had the pleasure of recording in studio in Hollywood in 1963 and signing a record contract for the Band I played with. Our recording was never issued but it was an experience that was wonderful for a

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Loek Hagen stands with his gorgeous natural blonde Conti Entrada archtop guitar

Excellently finished. . .Fantastic playability

Due to the tropical climate in the Philippines (humidity, temperature) I started looking for a good quality jazz guitar with laminated construction up to $ 2,000. I have been following the offers of the better Koreans, Chinese and Japanese on various sites for quite some time. Below 2k, however, the supply was limited. Moreover, the shipping costs often turned out to be high because of the remote location here on the Philippines. After visiting several sites worldwide, my eye fell on Conti Guitars. I noticed them on Facebook groups such as Archtop Guitars and Jazz Guitar. So I sent a message via email inquiring about the Entrada model, pretty soon I got a reply from Steve (Conti Support). This was followed by an extremely constructive exchange of emails with Steve, who was responding well to my ultimate priorities regarding the guitar, what you call personal attention. Robert Conti, also thanks

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Pete Connelly relaxing at home with his elegant new natural finish Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar


Thank you for the wonderful purchasing experience of this new Robert Conti “Entrada” archtop guitar. From the outset I spent a lot of time with your team member Mike guiding me through all of the options available for this beautiful instrument and finalizing the payment of the purchase price. Patience was more than exemplified by both Mike and Steve. They assured me that the Guitar would be forwarded via UPS, packed and stored in a very secure box and insured. That put me at great ease. Within 2 days of shipment I received a wonderful video of Robert playing the exact guitar purchased. It was a great resource for hearing the guitar’s tone along with very specific information about the guitar’s materials and use of the hardware. The video contained a discussion of the Kent Armstrong Pick Up (single), control knobs, Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge with Ebony base. I chose the

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Paul Leithold of famed Leithold Music on the gig with his gorgeous new Sunburst Conti Entrada!

Feel like I am their most important client!

What a great guitar! I have bought a lot of guitars, and I have to say I have never encountered a seller/manufacturer who cares this much about satisfying their customer. I feel like I am their most important client! Thank you!  This jazz club is up 20+ stairs. Nice to finally be able to bring a single guitar to play the gig – standards, funk, blues. Love the guitar! Paul Leithold – La Crosse, WI Leithold Music Store

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Rory Cotter jammin' on his new twin pickup natural Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar!

A real crowd pleaser…

That pre-shipment video was magnificent. A real personal touch. She arrived yesterday. A stunning lady. I have adjusted the action back and put a plain G on and adjusted the saddle to suit. I have a few gigs this weekend so I will try to get some photos and maybe a video. Outstanding. Thanks again. Over the moon. Not just with the product, which is fantastic and just what I’ve been looking for for some time, but also with the customer service and communication which has blown me away. Outstanding company to deal with. 3 Day Update: Took the guitar out for its first gig tonight. Very impressive, sounds great and feels even better. It was a real crowd pleaser as well, had quite a few people asking about it. I’m loving playing it. I’ve attached a photo from last night. -Rory Cotter – Mackay, Australia The Flying Tigers –

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Jack Marchewka shows off his beautiful Natural Blonde Conti Entrada Jazz Guitar Featuring the Midnight Package

Cannot find an imperfection or a flaw, or fret buzzes

I received my new Blonde Entrada with the Midnight Package and two pickups exactly one week ago. Let’s just say it was love at first sight. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the “hype” on the Conti website, but this guitar has exceeded my expectations. The guitar was shipped in a sturdy container that was well packed. I thought about ordering the hard-shell case, but the gig bag is well constructed and sturdy. If I was touring and traveling, I think this would have been a good option, but the gig bag will be fine for gigging locally. The black knobs, switches, and tuners really pop against the natural blonde wood. I’ve looked this guitar over carefully and cannot find an imperfection or a flaw with the finish or build. Every time I look more closely at this guitar I notice more interesting and beautiful wood grain

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Francis Chaverou is already comfortable with his Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar in Port Wine finish, featuring the midnight hardware package

Received in perfect condition…(France)

Very good idea to make a video of Robert playing my new guitar. I am happy, just received my guitar in perfect condition! Most important for a guitar is the pleasure you have to play it. Great sound, very smooth, nice and very good instrument. Thanks again. Francis Chaverou – Saint Mathieu De Tréviers, France

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All the way in Australia, new owner Tony Silber enjoys his Port Wine Conti Entrada archtop guitar

Conti Entrada Arrives In Australia…

Thank you Mr. Robert Conti! I viewed your personalised introduction video with joy and anticipation. It’s been five days since she arrived and I have certainly fallen in love with my beautiful new Conti Entrada. As promised, she felt great out of the box- such a pretty thing- and came with a great quality gig bag. I plugged her in and what a gorgeous sound. After such a long trip, I gave her a quick tune and action/ intonation check. I was smitten. She’s a bit like a super-model- beautiful from all angles but has more than just the looks. The neck is pretty special- delightful and effortless to play. The ebony really feels wonderful, the dimensions and shape make playing a breeze- it seems almost easier to select individual strings. Abalone inserts are super nice. Headstock really is beautifully shaped and proportioned and genuinely classy in my opinion. Tuning

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Rick White stands with his gorgeous new 15 inch double pickup Port Wine Conti Entrada jazz guitar

Setup is fantastic…

“Absolutely wonderful guitar! Jammed tunes from blues to jazz, and some of my originals. Plays like butter, and the setup is fantastic. Not a bad spot on it! I’m able to get different sounds out of it. It is very flexible and wide range. It is also very light and not cumbersome. I’m enjoying very much. Getting ready to go to praise band practice. I’ll let you know!” -Rick White Jr – Sugar Hill, GA

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What a great photo Peter took of his brand new Port Wine Conti Entrada Archtop Guitar

High quality instrument…

My Port Wine single pickup Entrada guitar arrived yesterday in pristine condition. Very securely packed and in the best hard case I have seen. Thank you Robert and your team, especially Mike, who kindly answered all my questions when I called on Thanks Giving. A truly beautiful and high quality instrument. I look forward to many hours of playing. Thank you! -Peter in Melbourne, Australia

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James with a big smile and his two Conti Entrada Archtop Guitars!

I’d buy another down the road…

August 2017 – After Receiving First Guitar (Blonde) Robert, I just wanted you to know I have been enjoying your guitar. I had a particularly nice time when I took it to get adjusted today. Thank you so very much for the guitar, and for all the inspiration you’ve given me along the way!!! You’re a class act, and I appreciate everything you’ve shared with me along the way. Be well, and I hope this finds you in good health. Two Weeks Later I didn’t want to give blind comments, so after spending plenty of time getting to know my Conti, here are the best comments I can give. Great looking guitar, neck and fretboard feel really good. Took a couple tries to learn how to string, but now that I’m used to it, I love that. A lot actually. Pickup and electronics have a lot of snap, very much

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Ralph takes a moment to snap this photo of this beautiful new Conti Entrada thin body archtop jazz guitar

You’d Be Smiling Too…

…if you were holding this beautiful instrument. My Entrada is exactly what I was looking for in a new guitar. Great tone, easy to play, gorgeous, and affordable. Pictures don’t do it justice – the combination of the Port Wine finish, gold hardware and inlays is stunning. I selected the dual pickup version, where I can dial the Entrada to either a smooth jazz sound or a more bluesy and even country style. It’s also much lighter than my previous semi-hollow archtop, which helps in how easy and fun it is to handle. Mr. Conti’s video showed that my Entrada performs beyond anything I’ll be able to pull from it. I want to thank him, Mike and Steve for all of the great customer support they provide, both in the purchase of the guitar and for the courses available from the Robert Conti website. If you’re looking for a great

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Eugene with his gorgeous new Port Wine Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Struck gold with this guitar…

Received my Entrada yesterday! Wow! What a great guitar! I love it! The look the action and sound without an amp is incredible. I’d say I’ve struck gold with this guitar. From the personalization, the video to receiving this excellent looking and sounding guitar. I’ve never received a guitar I can play without a setup. You are one special man helping me achieve my last goal in life, to be a jazz musician. Your luthiers have done a fantastic job creating this valuable instrument for me. I feel very special having this incredible instrument. I look forward in the lessons you have provided for me. -Eugene Albrecht – Rotonda West, FL

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Randy Allred with his Port Wine Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Best I’ve ever played…

“I’ve been playing my gorgeous new Conti Entrada for a couple of weeks now, and I’m convinced it’s the best-playing guitar I’ve ever owned, maybe the best I’ve ever played. The combination of the Ebony fingerboard, perfect fret size, and the amazing attention paid to the fretwork, all lend a sure feel to the fingers, instantly evident in difficult passages. The setup was terrific, including the perfectly slotted nut. On top of it all, the guitar is so beautiful. Buying was a remarkable experience—the commitment to excellence and personal attention this company provides is unmatched in the business world. Kudos to everyone!” -Randy Allred – Bellingham, WA

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Charles Perry proudly with his Natural Blonde Conti Entrada Archtop featuring the Midnight Package

Better than the most expensive guitars…

Totally Responsive Sellers and Excellent Guitars!!! These guitars are just as good if not better than the most expensive guitars you could buy!!! -Charles Frederick Perry, Findlay, OH, USA Lucky Entrada Guitar Player

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Another Robert Conti with his new 2 pickup Conti Entrada Archtop Guitar!

It plays perfectly every time…

What are the chances of another Robert Conti ordering a Conti Guitar! — The Entrada is excellent. I wanted to give it a fair bit of playing before responding in order to give my full thoughts. Right out of the box it’s marvelous to look at. I still sit and just stare at it from time to time simply to enjoy its beauty. It plays perfectly every time. No matter what style or manner in which I desire to play it, I can always customize the sound exactly to my liking. From the action to the resonance, every aspect of this guitar is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It takes the slightest amount of pressure to play any note, and my fingers bounce off the stings when I pluck as if they’re trampolines. I couldn’t have asked for a better instrument for a better price. And with

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Pete, Tom & Vince, the three amigos share a moment with their three Conti Entrada archtop guitars!

Love Our Entradas!

I’m Pete Sternloff the proud owner of a Conti Entrada. Thought you would enjoy this picture of the 3 Conti Entradas in Mercer County, West Virginia. Pictured is me on the left, Tom Janes in the middle and Vince Lewis on the right. We all, as I’m sure you might be aware, love our Entradas!

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Professional Player/Educator Vince Lewis with his new Sunburst Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Will see many hours of playing…

Meet Vince Lewis, A Pro Player Extraordinaire! Growing up working in Music retail, I had the opportunity to play every major brand of guitar over several years. The experiences ordering, setting up and selling guitars from student through professional levels gave me a great appreciation for customer service as well as design and quality. From the initial contact with the folks at Conti Guitars, through the delivery date there was steady communication in regard to any delays and questions I had in regard to my purchase. I definitely felt that I had joined a new family of musicians and quality friends that will last a lifetime as will the guitar itself. When the guitar arrived, it is the first instrument that I ever felt comfortable taking out on a professional gig the next day without needing to adjust anything about it. The fretwork and action met my discriminating eye and

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Alfie Dean of the UK in live performance with his Sunburst Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar

Insane set up and action (video)

“The guitar plays effortlessly, the slim neck and articulate Kent Armstrong pickup make for a guitar that practically plays itself. All this is nothing without the insane set up and action on this model – Mr. Conti wasn’t lying when he said this is as good as it gets! I couldn’t be more pleased with this guitar and the service! Ordering American guitars to the UK can be a lot of stress, especially when it’s a guitar you haven’t tried out, but the whole Conti team treats you like family and the family feel alongside the quality of their instruments and extremely reasonable prices is something really special!” – Alfie Dean, United Kingdom @_alfiedean See a short video clip of Alfie playing his Entrada:  

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David Martin proudly shows his new Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar in Sunburst finish

Comparable to the xxx priced over $7,000

Robert, thanks for the time you spent with my new guitar. I really like what you played, and the introduction to the instrument is really appreciated. The guitar arrived today and it is simply beautiful. Fit and finish outstanding. It really sounds good and plays amazing. Tone through my Fishman Loudbox 100 with all EQ at 12:00 is classic, and with a very nice slight edge. The combination of design and sonic engineering on the tail piece is genius on both counts. A beautiful instrument. My mandolin and 000 model guitar are lifetime instruments, and out of the box the Conti immediately earned the same designation. I’ll be leaving this to a child or grandchild. I think a comparison to xxx and xxx is certain to find the Conti on top. I think it is very favorably comparable to the xxx priced over $7,000. My very nice L5 copy is

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Alex takes a moment to show his new Port Wine Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar featuring the exquisite gold finger tailpiece.

By far the easiest and most enjoyable to play… (France)

Guitar delivered to Var, France, in just one week after ordering, without any damage or unpleasant surprises. It only took a few days for me to get used to it. I adjusted it to my liking, removed the pickguard for aesthetic reasons since I play without a pick, and put on flat wound strings that I am accustomed to using. I own several guitars, and this one is by far the easiest and most enjoyable to play, especially for jazz. Very low action, fast neck, surprising sustain, beautiful aesthetics, and lightweight – you can play it at home without an amplifier. The exclusivity of the marketing made me apprehensive about buying a guitar online from the USA without trying it, but I am convinced that I made a good choice and hope to keep it for a long time. The guitar was accompanied by a very informative video from Mr.

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Jack Marchewka joins the Two Conti Club with the acquisition of his second Entrada archtop jazz guitar!

Everything I Expected

Second Entrada: June 8, 2023 When you purchase a guitar online without actually seeing or playing it, you take your chances. After buying my blonde Conti Entrada guitar, I knew what to expect. Once again, I received an excellent guitar and outstanding customer service. My new Port Wine Conti Entrada is everything I expected, and it sounds as beautiful as it looks. The guitar came set up perfectly. The intonations were spot on and the action was as low as I could possibly want it. Even though I now have two Entradas, there are some subtle differences that give each guitar a unique feel and voice. This time I ordered the hard shell case to control humidity, and I am very happy with its quality. It’s always a pleasure to receive a video of Robert Conti playing YOUR guitar before it’s shipped. For me, it adds to the whole customer

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Fausto Allosada on the gig with his beautiful left handed Entrada archtop jazz guitar

Beautiful guitar which sounds exquisite

This picture was taken by a waitress where I gigged last night. 🌙  I’ve already purchased about 10 or so guitars in the past, but Robert Conti’s marketing practice for getting such a uniquely beautiful guitar which sounds exquisite is the best I’ve experienced ever! I was happily stunned with the complimentary items that came with order. No musical outlet ever offered anything remotely close. With every purchase that I made in the past, I was forced to accept a hard case that came with the guitar, which resulted in having to buy a gig bag. Buying your excellent guitar actually saved me an additional $300.00 by gifting me your complimentary items. I’m very pleased and satisfied with my beautiful and easy playing left handed Conti Entrada guitar! Although I’m old (83) and started late in life playing the guitar, I’m so glad that I ran across your guitar and

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Mike Coile sits proudly with his brand new Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitar in Port Wine finish

Everything has been first class…

Wow! Where to start? First of all she is a sweet girl with a beautiful voice. From the start, customer service has been great. From my follow up from Steve to my internet inquiry, to Mike’s help in the purchase process, and to the follow up and the interactions with Robert, everything has been First Class. It took me an hour or so of fiddling with the guitar knobs and my amplifier, and suddenly she found her voice. Robert was so right about the pickup. It does almost know where I’m going and it’s forcing me to be a little more correct in my technique. No more goofing around and sloppy chords. Mike Coile – Seattle, WA Area

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Dave poses with his beautiful new Port Wine Lefty Conti Entrada Archtop Jazz Guitar

Found the perfect electric guitar…(UK)

The superb Conti Entrada was received extremely well packaged through FedEx International ahead of schedule. The supplied gig bag provided a safe and secure environment and the guitar was revealed in perfect condition. Once tuned, the Entrada played perfectly, no adjustment was needed to the intonation or playing action. The fret ends and fingerboard were exquisitely finished as was the tailpiece and headstock. A nice touch is the volute on the reverse of the join between the headstock and the neck. A sign of a quality instrument. The body finish is perfect with the stain revealing the attractive grain through the lacquer. Played acoustically, the tone is rich, consistent and surprisingly loud, very satisfying! Plugged in to a Roland Jazz Chorus combo, using the clean channel with no effects, there is a charming, well rounded acoustic feel which is perfect for the music I currently play (jazz vocal/guitar duo –

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Lonnie Smith takes a moment to pose with his TWO Conti Entrada archtop jazz guitars

Far superior to a $5,000 archtop I sold…

Beauty, playability, consistency, quality and value all describe my two Conti Entradas perfectly, but not completely. The purchasing process was undoubtedly the most customer focused experience I’ve ever encountered (for any product purchase I’ve ever made). From working with Steve in finalizing the guitar options, Mike on the supply/shipping/delivery side, and finally Robert and his incredibly enjoyable and personal videos; just an outstanding effort by a highly professional team that places the customer first. They are the finest guitars I’ve ever owned (far superior to a $5,000 archtop I recently sold). The craftsmanship and value of the Entrada make me question why anyone would purchase anything other than a Conti Guitar. I’m also about a third through the Source Code family of videos and Robert’s instruction is concise, insightful and highly enjoyable; a tremendous teacher without peer. My sincere thanks to the great Conti Team! Lonnie Smith – Canada Additional

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David already putting his gorgeous Port Wine Conti Entrada archtop guitar to use on a classy gig!

Wonderful instrument, superb buying experience

Meet David Skinner, A Class Act! As with all things Conti, my new Entrada arrived on time, and the day after I watched the video of Robert ‘leading by example’ on it. As I got more used to the fingerboard and the balance of the instrument, my thought was that it plays itself! Notes just fly off. The tone is acoustic and warm, and the pickup worked great through my studio board (Audient preamp into a UA Apollo). I’ll use my Bose L1 compact at a gig tomorrow night…can’t wait! Thanks for a wonderful instrument and a superb buying experience. David Jack “Dave” Skinner – College Station, TX Songwriter. Composer. Entertainer.

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Erwin sits with his brand new Port Wine Conti Entrada thin body archtop guitar

Impeccable Guitar…

For the last two decades or so I have been looking for a guitar with the following specs: thin body single cutaway jazz guitar, single pickup, good quality, good looks and above all affordable. I think I nailed it this time. I was browsing the web for the millionth time when I stumbled upon this site of Robert Conti. I immediately mailed them and they answered all my questions quickly and to the point. They even facilitated my indecisiveness on the bridge top: Gotoh T.O.M or compensated ebony. I got both. Since I live in The Netherlands, Europe I expected a long wait before I could hold the guitar I ordered in my hands. Not so. Shipped Monday and delivered Thursday! Thumbs up for both Conti Guitars and their shipping firm FedEx. I use the guitar already. Mr. Conti and his staff have made me a very happy guitar player

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